Booking Your Tour With TML Travel Group

At TML Travel Group, we want to make your travelling experience with us as hassle and trouble free as possible, which also goes for the booking process. Simply follow the instructions on this page when completing the booking form and you won't go wrong!


We are currently only able to accept firm bookings by post, but we are hoping to offer a telephone booking service in the near future. However, we do allow you to make a provisional booking over the telephone, but this must be backed up by a formal booking/payment within 7 days.

Completing The Booking Form -

Simply download the relevant booking form for the tour in question, ensuring you complete the following fields and post it back to us together with the correct payment.


NAME & ADDRESS OF LEAD NAME ON BOOKING - The person with whom all communication should be made


LIST OF ALL PASSENGERS - Name ALL passengers including the LEAD NAME,  JOINING POINT & ROOM TYPE for each passenger (inserting the correct joining code against their name from the list of departure points) and OPTIONAL REQUIREMENTS on the booking form for a given tour.


BOOKING THE “VANTAGE SEATS” OR LOWER SALOON SEATS/WHEELCHAIR SPACE - If you wish to book the “Vantage Seats” (supplement applies), request the lower saloon seats or a wheelchair space, please tick the appropriate box against each passengers name.


WHEELCHAIR PLACE - There is one wheelchair place on the main tour coach, which must be pre-booked in advance of travel. If the wheelchair space has been booked, then not all the lower saloon rear seats may be available as some will be designated for Crew Use. You will be advised at time of booking if this is the case.


LOWEVER SALOON SEATS - The Lower Saloon Seats are generally reserved for passengers of limited mobility and who struggle with steps. As a result, we do not release lower saloon seats for general sale & they must be pre-booked.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (Not Guaranteed) - Should any of the passengers travelling have any special requirements, please tell us by completing this box. This includes dietary needs, etc.



On receipt of your booking, we will issue a formal booking confirmation/invoice - this is usually done within 48hrs.

Customers with Special Needs -

It is worth noting that some of our excursions are better suited than others than others to customers with special needs. In order to make sure any special needs are catered for particularly in respect of customers requiring the wheelchair space on coaches for example), you should contact us by telephone on 0151 230 2691 prior to booking to ensure these arrangements can be made.

How to Make Payment - WEEKEND BREAKS

LONDON WEEKENDS & THEATRE BREAKS - For London Weekends & Theatre Breaks, a non-refundable deposit is £85.00 per person plus the cost of the theatre ticket(s) is required.


PREMIER CLASS WEEKEND BREAKS & COUNTRY CLUB WEEKENDS (Excluding London) - For all UK Weekend Breaks, a non-refundable deposit (per person) is required at time of booking in order to confirm your booking. Occasionally, in you have booked any optional extras, we may require you to pay for these at time of booking and you will be notified accordingly. The deposit scale is as follows:


For tours of 2 Days Duration - £ 65.00 PER PERSON

For tours of 3 Days Duration - £ 85.00 PER PERSON


For tours of 4 Days Duration - £ 110.00 PER PERSON



How to Make Payment - DAY EXCURSIONS

Cheques should be made payable to - “TML Travel Group”.

ADVANCE SAVER EXCURSION FEE - One tours where we offer an 'Advance Saver' Excursion Fee, you must enclose one cheque on behalf of every member of your party for the FULL EXCURSION FEE in order to secure your booking. On receipt of your booking, we will issue a confirmation invoice.


Advance Saver Excursion fees cannot be cancelled or refunded. Any amendments will incur an administration charge of £2.50.


PREMIER CLASS DAY EXCURSIONS - STANDARD (FLEXIBLE) EXCURSION FEE - (FOR BOOKINGS ON TOURS DEPARTING AFTER 1ST APRIL 2013) If booking the standard excursion fee, a non-refundable deposit of £35.00 per person is required (unless otherwise specified) plus the cost of any optionals/upgrades (e.g. Vantage Seats) in order to secure your booking.  You must enclose one cheque on behalf of every member of your party. The balance will be due 14 days prior to travel.


'GRAND DAY OUT' EXCURSIONS - If booking the standard excursion fee, a non-refundable deposit of £45.00 per person (unless otherwise specified) is required in order to secure your booking.  You must enclose one cheque on behalf of every member of your party. The balance will be due 30 days prior to travel.

DEBIT/CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS - We can now accept Debit/Credit Card payments via PayPal, but these are subject to a 3.8% handling fee. If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please provide a valid email address on the booking form. This way we can email you the invoice and PayPal payment link.

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0151 230 2691

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