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“I have had a wonderful association with TML for over 15 years and have enjoyed leading parish pilgrimages to Iona and Lindisfarne with them. The attention to detail and the tailoring of plans to our needs has been excellent and the friendly personal approach has been a wonderful bonus. There is a comfortable and relaxed way that this company operates which gives a leader such as myself both time to enjoy the journey and lead the people to find new aspects to their life and faith”

Reverend Canon Andrew Cunnington

TML Travel Group & its forerunner organisations have been operating Religious Heritage Tours for groups since the year 2000. Following a successful re-introduction in 2015. we have gone back to our roots and now offer a series of Religious Heritage Tours to special interest groups.


The first of these tours is our extremely popular ‘Iona Pilgrimage & Mull Experience’, which is very popular with many church groups - particularly in the South East  of England. It is offered as a 5 day package from the North of England or a 7 day package from the South East. For 2021, we have now included the option of an optional excursion to the Isle of Staffa.


We have recently refreshed our ‘Lindisfarne Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In The North East’ religious heritage tour, which is available as a 6 or 7 day package - there is the option of an overnight stay in York on the outward journey.


For 2021, we are offering two new Religious Heritage Tours, the first is titled ‘Canterbury Pilgrimage & The Trail Of St Augustine’ and the second sees us break new ground in West Wales and is a 7 day package titled ‘St David’s Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In West Wales. Full details of these packages are now available, with the first West Wales tours departing in June 2021.


The foundations of what is now TML Travel Group where built from offering a series of religious heritage tours. Following the successful introduction of our Iona Pilgrimage & Mull Experience tour in the year 2000, a Lindisfarne Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In The North East package followed in 2002 and has recently been updated. 


Further new Religious Heritage Tour itineraries and destinations are due to follow in 2021 with the first departures scheduled for 2022, so what this space!


The product structure for these is based around our Premier Class brand.


To date, (dependent upon the georgraphical location of your group), these can be offered as a 5, 6 or 7 day package.


The itineraries available are as follows:


  • Iona Pilgrimage & Mull Experience (5 or 7 Day Package)
  • Lindisfarne Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage Of The North East (6-7 Day Package)
  • Canterbury Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In Kent (6 Day Package)
  • St. David's Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In West Wales (7 Day Package)

We look forward to welcoming you onboard!


Our Selection Of Religious Heritage Tours & Pilgrimages

Explore our collection

Iona Pilgrimage & Mull Experience

For the Gaels, Iona is I Chaluim Chille - the isle of Colm Cille, an Irish priest and prince who was to become revered as Saint Columba. A tiny island, of typically Hebridean beauty, it holds a unique place in the story of Scotland and kindles the imagination of thousands who journey there each year.

Lindisfarne Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In The North East

The North East of England has a strong religious past, as can be seen in works such as the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. The work of the 7th-century Cuthbert (634–687 AD), Bede (673–735 AD) and Hilda of Whitby (614–680 AD) being hugely influential in the early church and are still venerated today. These saints are usually associated with the monasteries on the island of Lindisfarne, Wearmouth – Jarrow, and the Abbey at Whitby but they are also associated to many other religious sites in the region.

Canterbury Pilgrimage & The Trail of St Augustine

Canterbury is a historic English cathedral city and
UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Archbishop of Canterbury is the primate of theChurch of England and the worldwide Anglican Communion owing to the importance of St Augustine, who served as the apostle to the pagan Kingdom of Kent around the turn of the 7th century. The city's cathedral became a major focus of pilgrimage following the 1170 martyrdom of Thomas Becket.

St David's Pilgrimage & Religious Heritage In West Wales

.West Wales, home to the patron St David, has a fascinating religious heritage with much of it still possible to enjoy. 


St David’s is a site of continuous daily Christian worship since St David founded his mission here in the 6th century. The current cathedral, started in 1182, and the adjacent ruined 14th century Bishop’s Palace do real justice to the accolade of being the most visited faith heritage sites in Wales. The ancient tradition of Pilgrimage is still strong here and St David’s shrine was fully restored in 2012 with a new pilgrimage centre opening in 2013.

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